Video: Fairclough & Mulally Accept Gstaad Challenge

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There’s more to Switzerland than mountain biking, you know…

Downhill courses don't have gates
I completely would have cleaned that if it was steeper.

Being a pro rider means more than simply riding fast every Sunday.  Contributing to product development and embodying one’s sponsors’ values is critical to earning those underwriter dollars.  The folks of Gstaad know this- and have subjected two riders recently hired to represent their village, downhillers Brendan Fairclough and Necko Mulally, to a full battery of Alpine challenges.

Technique rules the day
Technique rules the day

From milking a cow to fine scissorwork, each has his strengths and weaknesses.  But will either the Yank or the Brit have the full compliment of skills needed to do their sponsor proud?  There’s only one way to find out!

No moving pictures?  Try here.

A cut above.
Will they make the cut?

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