Singletrack Advent Calendar Competition – Day 11

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Here’s day 11 of our Fabulous Advent Giveaway! And once again Barney and Chipps are your co-hosts. It seems that Mark has found the ‘speed up’ button – either that or they’re presenting from a decompression chamber. It’s quite disturbing – especially if you’re one of them. Truly, this is an infodump worthy of the Chipmunks.

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Everything that we blather about squeakily in the video will find its way into Santa’s bulging sack, and one lucky reader is going to find themselves with the whole pile of awesome kit!

All you need to do is to send us an email (click the big button below) and tell us two things:

1 – Your username
2 – The total value of the gifts featured in today’s advent video below.


Today’s gift idea was sent to us by:

Howies & Fisher Outdoor

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