Martyn Ashton Looks Out Of His Window

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The headline reads like something from a super celeb stalking blog but we promise you it’s better than that. As you will undoubtedly be aware Martyn is paralysed from the waist down following an accident in September 2013, but this Singletrack Legend isn’t letting that get in the way of what he wants to do on a bike. But this headline refers specifically to a tweet he made yesterday that follows on from his recent story of how he managed, with the aid of a specially developed walking frame, to walk over a quarter of a mile to the hospital canteen to buy a coffee. 

Martyn’s tweet simple read, “Taking a look out of my bedroom window for the first time in over 2 years. #winning“.

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It makes you think and reflect on what we all take for granted each day. If you couldn’t stand up at home, could you look out of your windows? Click the image to go and read the responses posted by his followers on Twitter.

We are hugely inspired by this guy and can’t wait to get his side of the history of mountain biking in the UK – a scene and story of which he played, and continues to play an instrumental part.


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    Shame you can’t see the grin on his face, what a legend!

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