Learn to show off with Ryan Leech

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Whether it’s stone-flicking with the front wheel, feeble grinds or brake-free skids, there’s always someone in the group who’s good at them – and it’s usually not any of us. Now, trials star and skills tutor, Ryan Leech has put together a video course (similar to his Learn to Wheelie in 30 days, and Ryan’s Baseline Balance Skills courses) on his site and he’s giving it away for free for Christmas.

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Includes sneaky tricks to play on riding pals

Here’s a short video to give you some idea…

Can’t see the link? Click here.

There’s a whole raft of free video lessons, teaching you everything from crank-flips (shinpads advised) to ghost-riding. None of them will make you faster or more athletic, but all of them are good fun to master and impressive to behold.

ryan leech, bike skills,
Kind of like this?

The courses can all be found here on Ryan’s Website


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    I believe it is. You need to register and then you get free access to it. Let me know if that doesn’t work.

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