Fresh Goods Friday 272

by Barney Marsh 5

In the words of the immortal Noddy Holder (seriously, does anyone need one of those? When I was a kid, mine came in a little car and sat happily on the shelf. Parp parp), IT’S CHRIIIIIIIISTMAAAAAAAAAAAAAS!

As if you hadn’t noticed.

It’s quite likely that right now you’re post-prandial, sitting picking bits of Brussel Sprout (actually from Oldham) out of your teeth with the rolled up remains of a Quality Street wrapper. Is there something on the telly? It’s probably something involving the mass-schadenfreude that seems to be so popular these days. Perhaps some erstwhile children’s TV presenter is suspending themselves by the nostrils from a novelty coathanger whilst farting the Marseilleise? Perhaps it’s a TV botanist whose agent is eager to increase their ‘audience exposure’ who finds herself, whimpering, in a narrow perspex tube with three hamsters called Angel, Amber and Keith?

But this isn’t for you. Nope. For the sake of your sanity, it’s necessary to elevate your mind from such base offerings. You need to sit, warm and snug by the radiator, gently swirling something inadvisable around a crystal glass, cast your eyes downward, and read on for a stimulating, enlivening, fascinating and liberating list of mountain bike related awesomeness!

It’s the Fabulously Fecund and Furthermore Fantastically Festive Fresh Goods Friday!

Ritchey Timberwolf Hardtail

  • Price: £975 frame only
  • From: Ritchey


Oh, Ritchey, you saucy devil. You tempt us with your orange hardtail, which casts Terry’s Chocolate Orange into sharp relief. It’s rather more orange, for a start. If we’re honest, the steel construction isn’t quite as melt-in-the-mouth – it wouldn’t do much for your teeth, for example – but I know which I’d rather have under me at 30mph railing down a Swiss Alp.DSC_0429Very tidy looking dropouts cosset a SRAM 1×11 drivetrain
DSC_0435Ritchey cockpit too. Nice short stem, commendably wide bars. We like.DSC_0434Frontal boing is handled by RockShox’s dependable Revelation DSC_0432Swoopy swoopy downtube to give enough clearance for the fork. Ritchey have managed to make it look elegant though, rather than merely bent. DSC_0433Flared headtube. More elegance, innit?DSC_0436Guide stoppers and light (and oh so comfy) Ritchey foam grips on this bad boy.DSC_0437Yup, Ritchey saddle and rigid post, too. Keeps the weight down, dunnit?

Early Rider Belter 20″ Trail 3S

DSC_0439Ah yes! Do you know anyone diminutive? Perhaps this is the bike for them? Aluminium frame…DSC_0440Grind’ fork – I admit, it’s a new brand to me…DSC_0441BELT DRIVE – I mean, how cool is that?DSC_0442And a SRAM 3 speed hub gear. Rock and (let’s not be coy about it) Roll.DSC_0443Don’t forget the cable disc stoppers. Sweet as a festive nut.

Joey Dri Release Tee

DSC_0255This is what Barney looks like first thing in the morning, before a squadron of magazine-chimps has held him down and fed him coffee through a syringe. Very nice t-shirt, though. Technical, innit? So Barney can ride and not smell. Any worse than he already does.

Kermit Recycled Innertube Wallet


Premier Dealer MTB Kerala have sent us one of their ‘Kermit’ recycled innertube wallets, handmade by Green Frog India.
Mike at MTB Kerala has told our Jamie it’s the perfect way to make his £millions go further – although to be honest, Jamie’s £millions are quite a long way away as it is. These wallets sport a very tactile feel and what with Jamie’s propensity to hit the deck spectacularly on every ride, they should last very well in the event of crashing. Repeatedly.


GT Zaskar Limited Edition

  • Price: Priceless… but Zaskars are available from £949.99 (alu Comp) to £1899.99 (Carbon Expert)
  • From: GT Bicycles


We’ve been sent this retro-tinged slice of gorgeousness by GT, and we’ll be featuring it in a competition early in the New Year – so keep your eyes peeled! It’s here to commemorate a frankly terrifying 25 years since the Zaskar was introduced. There are only 100 of them. And Hans Rey has no.1. According to Hans, it’s still the only frame to have won in XC, DH, Trials AND Slalom. Impressive.DSC_0270The graphics are an inversion of the old Zaskar (which was a ball-burnished frame with black graphics in this font) – a nice touch.DSC_0267The chainstays are elegantly sculpted, there’s a press-fit BB and a cute little stay protector.DSC_0268And it’s not exactly heavy…

This frame is also signed by Hans Rey himself, as an added bonus! WOOP!

Charge Custom Saddle

  • Price: £69.99 (leather alternative £89.99)
  • From: Charge Bikes

DSC_0259Uh. Gloriously Festive. CrMo rails, and that fabric seat should weather pretty well. Happy Christmas, guys!

Mountain Survival Goodies

Price: Mountain First Aid Kit £29.99, Nano First Aid Kit £9.99, Intensity LED Torch £24.99, Survival BVI £14.99, Survival Shelter £34.99, Survival Whistle £5.25, Intensity Micro Head Torch £14.99

From: Lifesystems

DSC_0260Everything you might need if you have an urgent desire to get away from the in-laws and spend Christmas night in the desolate, yet peaceful tranquility of the moors.

Endura SingleTrack Jacket

DSC_0261Tidy jacket from Endura – zips and pockets in all the right places, a not too slim cut, and…DSC_0263A hood you can wear a helmet under. FTW.

S-Track Pedals

  • Price: Trail Cage £31.19, Sauser Cage £20.39, Cage £14.99, Race Pedals £67.59
  • From: Look

DSC_0264Look pedals (rather similar to the Time ones), and the different cages you clamp onto them. So pretty versatile, then. There are cages for trail, enduro or XC – or run without cages for the maximum lightitude.

That’s it for today – we’re off to see if we can cram another mince pie into the molecule-shaped hole in our collective stomachs.

But if you’re feeling particularly curmudgeonly today, this should cheer you right up:

Happy Christmas everyone!

ST out

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  1. How short is the head tube on that Zaskar?!

  2. Very is the answer I think, still be a good buy for an over zealous steerer tube cutter.

    Oh the Ritchey is nice but why comment on how good the components are when its a frame only price?

  3. The Ritchey looks like a rip off of the Niner ROS9 but not as nice.

  4. That Ritchey looks fabulous

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