Balance with Ryan – VIDEO

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Ryan Leech is a well-known Canadian trials rider and skills instructor. When he’s not doing trials display roadshows for Norco, you can either find him teaching yoga or bike skills.

ryan leech skills singletrack magazine
Going nowhere fast. Ryan’s top skill

Ryan was behind the 30-Day Wheelie Challenge this spring and he’s now coming out with a new course aimed at improving your on-bike balance and slow speed skills.

ryan leech trials skills course
Steep rock to north-shore? No problem

Covering everything from comfort on the bike to technical uphill step-ups and downhill north shore, Ryan aims to give you all the skills needed to go really slow – a valuable skill that doesn’t get much credit in the whizzy world of ‘more-faster’.

Here’s the video trailer for you:

Can’t see the video? Click here.

Learn more about the course here at

Ryan is one of the most enthusiastic people we know and he manages to convey that in his instruction without being condescending. The course costs $40, but is on offer at the moment for $27, so this might be something to suggest for Christmas…

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