Alps Epic: Bringing XC Back

by Marc Basiliere 4

…those enduro bros don’t know how to act.


Remember cross-country riding? You know – like actually riding across the country? Boasting about metres climbed as well as those descended? Really tight shorts?


Maybe this will ring a few bells – and make it look like a whole lot of fun at the same time…

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Running from 3-9 July 2016, the inaugural Alps Epic is a six-stage cross-country race with 50-70km (~30-45mi) of riding per stage. The event is designed to show off the singletrack of the Grande Traversée des Hautes-Alpes in its entirety – which looks pretty good from here. A duo competition, riders are expected to draw on all of their strength, endurance, and handling skills while food, accommodation, and logistics are handled by the organisers.

Techy goodness
Techy goodness

Both indoor and tent lodging options – the former including GI-friendly and optionally vegetarian meals are available. Both levels also include bike washing/lubrication, bike storage, gear transfers, and two (2) parties. Pricing runs from 1,250€ to 1,800€. Sound steep? Rewind the video to the bit with the al fresco meal in that picturesque hilltop village.  Looks pretty good doesn’t it? (lycra is optional)

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  1. How come we get overcooked pasta at events in this country and they can run on gourmet snacks in Europe?

  2. I will watch the video later, but I just wanted to say well done with that headline.

  3. Looks brilliant. Riding like it used to be before too much travel and too much stoke.

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