Sneak Peek: Kinesis Maxlight Phase

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Bruce looks proud

Bruce from Kinesis stopped by last week, and we managed to wrangle a sneak-peek of the new Maxlight Phase out of him: It’s an aluminium frame, designed for trail riding, hooning with your mates etc, so it’s not a head-down XC frame by any stretch of the imagination. It’s got a 67 degree head angle (pretty slack for a 29er/27.5+), 72.3 degree seat angle and 430mm chainstays. Looks like a lot of fun…

DSC_0027There’s a neat little yoke to keep the back end short and stiff, with enough clearance for a 1x chainring. Press fit BB, and some very chunky looking welds.
DSC_0025A neat little brake mount already welded on to save faff. And it’s 148 Boost on the rear to boot!

DSC_0026We rather like the graphics…
DSC_0030Kinesium – It’s a manufacturing process apparently. The frame comes with lots of internal routing for nice clean lines, too.
DSC_0028And some groovy shaped tubes all over the shop. Looks very tidy to us. It’s designed around a 140mm fork – lots of fun.

Price is going to be £399 for the frame, and you should be able to get your paws on one before Christmas, so start asking Santa nicely…

More details on the Phase here

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    Nice that. Designed around what size fork?

    Was I dim enough to miss that on first read or has there just been a quick edit? 🙂

    I’ve pruned for clarity: it’s definitely 148×12 at the back (I’ve been reliably told) 🙂

    “and some very chunky looking welds.”

    Is chunky a euphemism for untidy?

    I actually like these. A guide in the Sierra Nevada I rode with loved his old one and one of my mates has one built up for burly duties. A proper throwabout bike

    it was all going so well, until: “press-fit BB”


    Not that excited about press fit bb either, but could be a nice starting point for a b+ trail machine.

    Shame about that top tube

    Fugly. Eye of the beholder and all that.

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