Review: Vulpine Men’s Softshell jacket.

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First published in Singletrack Magazine issue 95

Initial ‘how much?!’ feelings aside, the Vulpine Softshell has become my go-to jacket for the past two months. Rain, sun, or mud, I’ve worn it daily on and off the bike, on commutes and long days in the hills – everything. So much so that it feels like the jacket I’ve always needed.

With traditional pockets in the rear and two hand warmer pockets on the front, space for things is not a problem. Neat commuting – or night riding – touches, like reflective markings on the shoulders and under the fold-back cuffs, combined with a reflective drop tail that’s neatly held to the jacket with some magnets, give a nod to the jacket’s autumn through spring intentions, when the nights have closed in.

The hard-wearing, lightly fleeced softshell sloughed off mud and rain from all but the grimmest of rides, while brushing clean for the ride to the office on Monday morning. Little details like laser-cut vents in the armpits and an adjustable collar gives the ability to vent, or close up for a bit more heat retention.

The only downside to the jacket came in its arm length. I’ve slightly long arms, but even with the cuffs in turned-down, non-reflective mode, I was riding with bare wrists. A baggy, and arguably pointless, fleece inner cuff did little to stop the wind whistling up my arms. On a mountain bike this was less prevalent; however on the daily road bike commute it was very noticeable. If they’d only added a longer fleece cuff, or better yet one with an integrated thumb-loop, I’d have happily splurged the £175 on this jacket. So close, but not quite there…


A great jacket if you fit the shape. Hardwearing material that should continually take the abuse of mountain biking and the day-to-day commute.

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Product:Men’s Softshell jacket
Tested:by Greg May for Two months.

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