Mountain Biking – The Untold British Story – Trailer Released

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A Documentary From Singletrack Magazine and Blue Hippo Media, in association with Orange Mountain Bikes – coming July 2016!

Here’s the trailer:

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Mountain biking is now in its 4th decade – and it’s come a long way from its beginnings in the hills of the West Coast USA. But that’s only part of the story. The UK MTB scene grew in parallel to the well-told US tale and this documentary, shot and co-produced with the BAFTA award winning Blue Hippo Media, aims to lay out the complete and unique history of how the MTB developed in British mud.

“It’s a story that’s never been told before”

Through archive footage of early XC racing, through to the modern adrenaline-fueled disciplines of Enduro, this film will layout the British claim to the origins of the modern mountain bike scene. Featuring interviews with legendary names such as Rob Warner, Tracy Moseley, Martyn Ashton, Carlton Reid, Brant Richards, Chipps Chippendale and many more, this will be the story of how the Brits have carved their names into history, and helped shape the global phenomenon that is mountain biking.

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    You forgot to edit me and Chipps from the “legendary names” list like you did on the other news piece.

    Though Chipps is now a media legend so he can stay in there.

    Brant, the previous story included a clip in which you were not featured (horrifying as that might sound). You’re loud and proud in this one though, as is our newly minted Legend 😉

    I think my first MTB was an Eldridge Grade but at 17″ a little short. in the end I swapped it with a bit of cash for a Kona CinderCone. Then eventually a Kona Explosif. I did some miles on that beauty! Now Im back to it with a full suss. Boardman FS Pro. not up to Explosif class but then Im older and not as fit. Still enjoying it though!

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