Manon Carpenter’s Stolen Bikes Recovered

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Earlier this week we reported the theft of Manon Carpenter’s bikes. News just in is that they’ve been recovered. Manon’s Dad Jason reported on Facebook they have recovered the bikes but his motorbike is still missing..

“We have all Our mountainbikes back now, Motorbikes still missing, 2016 KTM 250 EXC Datatagged, 2011 KTM 150XC. Huge thanks to everyone who shared our posts, such UK wide coverage made it so hard to get rid of the bikes the thieves panicked a bit. Always worth sharing information and making it hard for the thieves.”


The original story is below..

South Wales’s prolific bike thieves have been at it again, striking at the home of DH world champ Manon Carpenter and her dad Jason. (UPDATE: Images and bike listing below).

Manon at Fort Wiliam

The bikes missing, as detailed in a Facebook post from Jason, are:

  • Manon’s full quiver of Saracen full sussers: her Myst DH bikes, Kili Flyer XC bikes, and Aerial 150s.
  • A black Dartmoor hardtail and BSD ALVX.
  • Two KTM motocross bikes – A 2016 250 EXC and a 2010 150 XC.

Update: Gwent Police have also shared further details and photos of all the bikes.

The eight mountain bikes and two motorbikes missing are:

  • A 2013 Saracen Kili Flyer mountain bike with suspension – black and bright green in colour
  • A 2014 Saracen Aerial 150 suspension mountain bike – silver, red and black in colour
  • A 2013 Saracen AVLX Dirtjump mountain bike with gears and Fox 831 Forks – all black in colour
  • A Dartmoor Dirtjump mountain bike – Phantom model – with gears and Fox 831 forks – black in colour with white lettering
  • A 2015 Saracen Kili Flyer mountain bike, full carbon fibre with full suspension – silver and black in colour with “Saracen” written on frame
  • A 2015 Saracen Aerial 150 mountain bike with full suspension – black and silver in colour with black and orange Fox Forks
  • A 2015 Saracen Myst Downhill race bike – black, white and red in colour
  • A 2016 prototype Saracen Myst Downhill mountain bike – black and red in colour with “Saracen” written on frame
  • A KTM EXC 250 off road motorbike – black and orange in colour
  • A 2011 KTM XC 150 off road motorbike – black and orange in colour

Plus a set of Stihl petrol hedge cutters – orange, white and black in colour

If you spot any of them or think you know whodunnit, contact Jason or ring the police on 101, quoting log 37 24/11/15.

Antony de Heveningham

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If that all sounds a bit worthy, he’s also happy to share tales of rides gone awry, or delicate bike parts burst asunder by ham-fisted maintenance. Because ultimately, there are enough talented professionals in mountain bike journalism, and it needs more rank amateurs.

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    Bandits. Hope you get them back.

    Flinking Blip! Thats a tres mean bandit to steal a girls living like that! I really hope whoever nicked them gets caught and the goodies returned in good nick!

    I was hoping the update would good news.
    This is tantamount to stealing the crown jewels! I hope they get a good outcome to this, I am sure they have the support of the whole MTB community to help them trace these.

    Good news. I agree with the making it difficult for thieves any way we can…

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