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You do like sexy pictures of metal frames, don’t you?

Welds and threads and cable routing oh my. Kinesis GF Ti
Welds and threads and cable routing… oh my!

Kinesis, makers of the forum favourite (no really- 56 pages of posts to date) Tripster ATR as well as other UK-flavoured, Asian-made alloy and titanium mountain, ‘cross, road, gnarmac, and fondo frames, has upgraded its website.

They've gone to plaid! Kinesis Pro6 cyclocross
They’ve gone to plaid argyle!

Not just a web page revamp, the new site includes five new bikes launched at the Cycle Show NEC (GF_Ti DiscAithein Disc4S DiscCXRace, & Pro6 Disc) and two new wheelsets (Racelight Disc & CX Tubular).  All are supported by loads of drool-inducing high-resolution photos and should display equally well on all manner of digital devices.

Phwoar. Kinesis bikes

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    Really annoying “upgrade”. Tying to look at the images of a bike but they keep scrolling to the next image at a frequency that only someone with ADHD would appreciate. Doesn’t seem to be any way to stop it!

    @mrblobby – Try clicking ‘highlight gallery’ to the right of the scrolling images, then right click and ‘open image in new tab/window’ etc

    yes, irksome. Pretty sure the pic should stay put if you click on the relevant dot. Right clicking the pic and selecting view pic is a work around.

    Not sure whats going on with the pro6, seems to have downtube internal routing but then has an ugly top tube external route for the rear mech (not used for di2). Undecided about internal (probably against tbh) but mixing them seems wrong. I’d prefer BB routed external myself.

    Presume the brake mount changes are for the daft new road “standard”?

    Could just be the angle of the photos but, I’m confused by where they’ve flattened the toptube on the 5T disc. It’s really far back, not where you want to be shouldering the frame for any period of time, or at speed.
    Wondering if I’ve just go my eyes in backwards.

    I have some Kinesis UK carbon bars. there is a little logo that says ‘kuk’ on them. Here in Sweden that means cock , so I get lots of comments 🙂

    As I commented on a thread last night, having just visited the new site. I came away feeling both very excited and depressed to find out that the Sync is now available as a 650b medium frame.

    It was far easier justifying not having one when they weren’t available.

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