Dry-Clim Pants For Ladies Who Don’t Like Going Fast

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Now we realise that what we are doing is playing directly into the hands of the PR company that sent us this, but sometimes you just have to move past that and tell everyone about the press release that just landed in your inbox. This one was announced with a shout from one office to the next this afternoon, here at STHQ, of, “BARNEY! Have you seen what’s just landed in the editorial inbox?“.

He had of course.

These are pants for women who ride bikes. Big pants. Very big pants like your Nan wears, complete with pattern nicked from her sofa. They have a chamois in them and you can wear them under your skirt, jeans or shorts, according to the press release from Latvian clothing company ZIB. They are made from something the Latvians call Dry-Clim, which is a single precarious consonant away from being something entirely unsuitable. But we probably shouldn’t be too dismissive of the name – after all, it may do a perfectly adequate job of keeping your clim dry.
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ZIB was started in 2012 by a bunch of design graduates and these pants are being crowdfunded right now. Mind you, if you are a woman who likes to ride fast then these are not for you. The first line of the press release says this..

“Seeing that increasingly more women riding bikes prefer style to speed, ZIB designers combined the latest professional cycling technologies with fashion, creating chamois panties that cyclists can wear under contemporary casual clothing and at the same time feel good even on the most uncomfortable seats.”

So if your name is Rachel Atherton then you should move along… nothing to see here..

Oh but there is… Look at the images that came attached to the press release.

dry-clim panties singletrackworld singletrack magazine


Anyway, slightly wayward comment about slow, stylish women aside these may not be a bad idea if you take a second glance. If you think so then you can get your order in now and get your big pants in time for Christmas over on the company’s crowdfunding page here .

The company has offered to send us samples although so far only Barney has volunteered to try them.

Oh wait… There’s a video buried in the bowels of this release too.

Can’t see the video? Click here

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