8 Ways To Green Your Mountain Biking

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Trail Ninja, Dan Milner gives you 8 top tips on how to ride your bike without buggering up the planet.


Dan says…

Let’s face it, just because we’re mountain bikers doesn’t mean we have to be environmental idiots. We are outdoors people doing outdoors things so it stands to reason that collectively we have at least some interest in the wild, beautiful natural playground we ride through. If it was concrete we were after we’d be BMX’ers, but its not, its big, bloody beautiful mountains and glaciers and forests and wild places that give us chance to escape the mundane world of utility bills and mortgage payments. So we owe our environment some respect, and here are 8 steps we can take to lessen our impact as mountain bikers on the planet we call home.

Warning! Contains a failed attempt at bleeping out some swears.

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    Hmm, was with him until he said to go veggie 🙁

    Egregious misuse of the word less instead of fewer in a couple of places.

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