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First published in Singletrack Magazine issue 97

Female-specific flat shoes, that look the biz while still delivering high technical performance? Yes please. Though be warned: sizing is on the small side. After an ugly-sister-style battle with the purple and yellow beauties which arrived on my desk in a size 41, I ended up back in a bloke’s shoe for this test.

The upper is comprised of a tough, plastic-like outer, which resists scuffs and cleans easily. Cushioning inside is a squidgy mesh padding, which fits beautifully around the foot, and makes these super comfy while keeping weight down. This material supposedly reduces the shoes’ capacity to absorb their weight again in stinky bog water – and it is true: any water ingress dries out pretty quickly. The shape of the shoe is quite slimline, allowing for faff-free pedal attachment. And while the sole is tacky, it’s not in the superglue realms of some rubber compounds, so a quick readjustment on the pedals is possible without a complete lift off.

The tread pattern in the pedal contact zone is less pronounced than the toe and heel areas, with Specialized’s ‘SlipNot’ sole pattern. This is slightly angled, which helps the shoe grip the pedal spikes perfectly when you and bike are pointing down the steep stuff. The sole is stiff, thanks to a plate within, but clever shaping of this allows for a flexible bend when walking around off the bike. A slightly higher cuff on the inside of the shoes helps protect ankles knocks against the cranks.


I’m very impressed with the 2FOs. Super light, squelch-resistant and durable shoes, with some nifty, well-thought-out features that work.

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