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Oh yes they did.

dropper stem singletrack
I hold in my hand… the future.

Remember when the idea of a remotely-actuated dropper post seemed silly?  After all, for ages we all did just fine with our bums at the same position from start to finish.  Of course now there are those who argue that a dropper post is more critical than suspension or even gears- and today there are some Italians who want us to similarly re-think handlebar position.

dropper stem singletrack
Climb position

3fstech’s new AIM (Adjustment in Motion) stem presents riders with three handlebar positions- one for each of the usual riding scenarios.  The stem provides, via thumb-operated remote, a low/forward position for climbing, and intermediate position for general riding, and a high/close position for descending.

3FSTech Stem Action details copy dropper stem singletrack
3FSTech specs

The three positions can effectively be seen in bikes from different disciplines: World Cup guys and gals still run road-length tillers, downhillers have long sat their bars as close to the steerer as possible, and (at least until recently) the rest of us where somewhere in between.

While all three of the effective lengths shown here are on the long side of current trends, the design could easily be adapted to an offset clamp.  And who’s to say that the climb (120mm, -20°) position isn’t just what’s needed to keep today’s floppy front ends on check on truly steep ascents?  It’s easy to laugh, but stranger things have been embraced by the cycling community (see: half-lids with goggles, baby food, fatbikes).

dropper stem singletrack
Does anyone else see a greyhound here?

The AIM Stem is priced at £125 for the first fifty backers- closer to £210 if it makes it to shops.  The first 100 units have already been ordered for field testing and if the project hits its its 25,000 euro goal, then an additional 2,000 will be in the wild by mid-January.

Thanks to forum member beej for bringing this to our attention!

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