The Hardline: Ruaridh Cunningham’s winning POV – VIDEO

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Quite the epic event, the Red Bull Hardline – the Atherton-carved DH track in mid-Wales was ridiculously spectacular, and ridiculously hard. In the event, the enormous step-up wasn’t used (headwinds can be painful when getting enormous air) but for a taste of what it was like for riders on the day, check out Ruaridh Cunningham’s GoPro footage from his winning run. Mental.

Cohones the size of small planets, these people.

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    That’s a mental track. I could just about handle the berms… Maybe. If you can get down that in one piece, then you have a lot of skill to match those cojones…

    Questions: were no women invited to take part? Surely there’s another Atherton who could rip that course (and not break their shoulder blade)? And how come nobody thought to tart up that footage? A little more colour and congrats would have made it look so much better.

    “Quite the…”

    No, no ,no, no, no, no. NO!

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