No more bouncing, no more bumping with Bopworx

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A Kickstarter campaign that isn’t cringeworthy?

Bump bump bip bop.
Bump stop hip hop bip Bop.

With the proliferation of Kickstarter appeals over the past several years, the groan and eye-roll have become almost reflexive.  After all, we’ve seen more than our share of not-so-great ideas in search of support.  But the more time we spend mulling Bopworx’s bicycle protection set, the more sense the idea makes.

In essence a more usable, more deliberate version of the pipe insulation, rags, and straps we’ve all used to keep bikes from rubbing while on the car boot and in shipping cases, Bopworx’s idea isn’t exactly a revolutionary one.  But as anyone who’s arrived at their destination with the scars from a mate’s pedals on their downtube can attest, it’s an appealing one.

Wheelie good idea?
Wheelie good idea?

From simple bumpers (Bike Bumper) to a screw-through wheeled fork protector (Fork Guard), the range looks to cover most situations. “High grade rubber attachments” and nylon tie wraps secure most models to frame and fork tubes and should be easy to install and remove once set.  The gem might be the Double Bumper which, by spacing bikes apart and creating a single unit, could not only prevent bike-to-bike contact but reduce unnerving rear-view sway while on the boot rack.  It could also help in packing, securing handlebars to frame without causing contact.  The Fork Guard has a clever floating tab to keep front disc pads from needing a reset at the trailhead while the wheels should mean less scraping of dropouts against vehicle upholstery.

Ready. For. Anything.

For longer trips and regular travelers, the BopWrap system should provide more peace of mind than bubble wrap in the face of aggressive baggage handlers.  The flexible centre section even allows the Wraps to wrap neatly around pedal and handlebar ends- quite clever.  A (QR-only) derailleur protector and fork stand are also available for those looking to collect the entire set.

Bopworkx product matrixBopworx’s Kickstarter pitch includes a total of ten combinations targeted at different scenarios and price points.  Though denominated in dollars, pricing includes UK delivery.   Not inexpensive, it seems like the sort of product whose value would become clearest after it is needed.

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    Hoooooooow much $70 rrp for four bits of rubbery plastic? You know that will be £70rrp in UK.

    Old karrimat now I’ve gone over to thermarests does the job!

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