Interbike 2015: DeVinci’s Canadian-made 27.5+ trail bike

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Rock On!

Monster-ish truck
Monster-ish truck

Looking back on Interbike, it seems as though 27.5+ takeover wasn’t as complete as we’d hoped feared expected.  Still, there were some nice looking examples on display (including this one– I don’t care what anyone else thinks).  And as an everyday ride, DeVinci’s new Hendrix makes a pretty strong case for itself.

Do they have mud in Canadia?
Do they have mud in Canadia?

Replacing the 110mm Atlas 29er, the Hendrix features 120mm of travel, 27.5+ wheels, and all of the boost one bike can handle.  More interestingly, it takes advantage of Dave Weigle’s quite-good-but-reasonably-priced Split Pivot suspension system and is actually welded in Canada.  The alloy construction, sensible travel, and sub-$3,000 (complete!) price tag are ideal daily driver material.  The only build (so far) leverages SRAM’s GX one-by group, a straight seatpost, and a Boosted Reba to come in at what could be considered a very reasonable price for a cutting edge, first-world-made full susser.

Made Of Metal

The chainstays are pretty stubby at 433mm, which -at least on paper- sounds like fun.  Mud clearance didn’t look to be great around the rear tyre, but DeVinci’s “open architecture” is said to prevent buildup around the shock and bottom bracket.  And should the muck prove to be a problem, there’s always the option of plugging in some 29er wheels and calling it a day.

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