Fatbike E-pocalypse 2015: Xterrain Uber Fat

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Ten inches of electrified riding fun?  That doesn’t sound quite right…


It’s so amazing, so fascinating, and so horrible that it’s hard not to watch.  Yes- it’s a brand new electrified megabike from XTerrain.  You too “will surely get a lot of wide eyes, cool bike and big mama shouts from passer byes [passers-by?]”- if the project reaches its Indiegogo funding goal, that is.

Check out that head angle
So much no.

Available in two electrified (£815-975 plus shipping and duties) and one luddite model, (£455) the highest-trim XTerrain ships with both fatbike 26×4.5in and ATV-derived 20x10in front wheels.  If we had to guess, we’d venture that the frame and fork were designed around the larger-diameter wheel- with the UBER-FAT front installed steering looks as though it might be… responsive.  Perhaps the independent leg movement will serve to attenuate steering inputs.  The lack of a front rotor on UBER-FAT-equipped models may or may not be a concern (the inventors recommend against speeding “on a street full of pedestrians or cars.”)- at least there’s a lever to give your hand something to do.

Forking amazing
Forking amazing

Should you have a bicycle that you’re willing to offer up to the gods of awful, XTerrain’s “triple tree” fork (complete with shock absorbers!) for 1 1/8in head tubes is available separately for under £100- just south of £150 with wheel and tyre.

Great minds think alike
Great minds think alike

Frankly, if you’re still taken by the idea of an ATV-tyre’d fatbike, Fortune Hanebrink is still building versions of Dan Hanebrink’s 1993 Extreme Terrain.  At least they’ve figured out how to connect the front brake.


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