Eurobike 2015: What the …? PART TWO

by singletrackjay 0

Some things have to be witnessed to be believed. Others are neatly taken care of with a quick flash of the lens. The sheer breadth of the show is a sight to behold…

Fashion show
Monster-sized, helmet wearing fashion show. Clearly, popular with the punters. Dancers dressed in cycling gear, with pumping chart house tunes. Three times a day. Right outside the press room. Cheers
Read it. Twice. Did you read ‘Nobody likes us?’ Is it a play on words? Are they paranoid? TDF winners regardless
Not a washing machine in sight. The sheer scale of the Bosch and Panasonic electro bike stands were statements of intent. #electrobikehatersitsheretostay
Wheel build machine
Johnny Five has really come a long way. Industrial wheel building from Holland Mechanics
Representin’. Immaculate throughout
Reise Moller load carrier
Yes. Full sus, electric-powered, load carrying boogaloo from Riese & Muller
Subtle spearmint disco slippers from SIDI. Who else?
Embossed headbadges
For all you budding framebuilders out there. Italian made embossed headbadges, to complete your build