Eurobike 2015: MET and Bluegrass

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Now, what news on the Rialto, Salarino?

Dunno about the Rialto, but there’s a new helmet from MET – is that sort of Rialto enough? Not really, but it’s pretty nice – it’s the Lupo:

IMG_0070The Lupo HES (which stands for Homothetic Embedded Skeleton, and helps dissipate the force of an impact throughout the helmet rather than keeping it in one place) is a sort of replacement for the Parabellum – which is still in the model range, for now.IMG_0071Nice adjustable ratchet, you can use with gloves on. IMG_0074Available in a range of colours. It’ll cost around €120.IMG_0072The parachute gets a makeover too.Same helmet, but some funky new colours. I think the pink and purple one is my favourite…IMG_0073But I like the blue, too. IMG_0075The Parabellum gets some love too. Again with the pink! It’s definitely an in-colour this year.

IMG_0080 The Bluegrass range also finds itself with a selection of vibrant colours. The Magnete range has the neat idea of little magnets in the cuffs to keep them together. They’re pull-on and they look pretty comfy. IMG_0078The Bluegrass Brave gets a full colour updo too. It’s got D3O inserts, lots of airflow, no hearing loss and an adjustable visor. There’s also a pad on the inside so the emergency services can inflate a bladder and raise it off your head. Which is nice.
IMG_0087 Bluegrass Wapiti knee pads zip off so you can get them on without removing your shoes. In fact, loads of their protective gear has been re-worked for elbow and knee stretch. Wapiti also benefits from more breatheable neoprene too 🙂
   IMG_0092 The Golden Eyes HES helmet gets a colour upgrade… IMG_0089…and we also liked the Tuatara lite 3DO armour – a vest with a spine protector.

Click the links for more about the MET and Bluegrass ranges.

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