Eurobike 2015: Camelbak

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While we showed a few new Camelbaks in Fresh Goods Friday 257, we took a few minutes at Eurobike to catch up with Camelbak, look at the rest of the range and discuss new features. They have some nifty developments compared to the hydration packs of yesteryear. All of the packs are designed to hold the water lower down, hence lowering your centre of gravity.

Some of the new range come with these great looking tool rolls.
Big enough for most of the tools you’d need on an average ride.
The smaller lumbar packs have the tool roll integrated.
It all clips away neatly, but is one of the first bits you can get to once you take the bag off.

As well as tool storage, some of the larger packs have compression webbing tied to two loops at your waist. Once you’ve drunk a bunch of the water in a full reservoir, simply pull on the loops, and it’ll drive the rest of the water lower down to the bottom of the bladder.

When pulled, these loops compress the top of your reservoir.
The Skyline 10L comes in various colourways…
… as does, leftmost, the Solstice; a female specific 10L pack.

The female specific Camelbaks are a bit shorter, have a fleecy lining on the straps, and S-bends in the straps. They might also suit men with shorter torsos who ride in sleeveless tops and have moobs.

The 4L Palos comes in orange or blue.
It’s a lumbar pack, not a bum bag nor a lum bag.
There’s no guarantee it’ll make you a more aggressive rider. It’s just an enabler.
The larger packs also have retention straps for bits of armour.


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