Mavic Stratos H2O waterproof shorts.

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First published in Singletrack Magazine issue 95

The Stratos H2O shorts are the lightest and smallest packing pair of waterproof shorts I’ve ever used. Constructed from Mavic’s ‘Dura Rain SL’ fabric, they fit into a (supplied) fist-sized mesh stuff sack and have therefore become the first pair of waterproof shorts I’ve carried in a backpack ‘just in case’. Previously it was either dire enough weather before a ride that I’d already donned outerwear, or if the grimness hit mid-ride I just sucked it up and tried to embrace a cold and wet behind.

Fit of the shorts is spot on for the stated size and the legs are big enough to accommodate kneepads without feeling flappy if you don’t wear them. There are stretch panels to allow some movement during pedalling and I’m happy to report that the lightness also benefits their ability to stay in place and not head south as you move about on the bike.

Despite the lightweight nature, the shorts don’t feel flimsy and have so far shrugged off bramble and gritstone interactions. The rear panel has a scuff guard to help with abrasion and it’ll be interesting to see how this measures up long term.

I’ve worn the Stratos H2O in truly filthy weather, riding sodden trails on long rides and they’ve shrugged off all the spray my back tyre could flick up at them. Breathability seems good and I’ve managed to finish a couple of winter rides in dry and relatively warm comfort. That’s the sort of thing that can make or break a ride in winter, so they’ll be staying in my pack so I know I’m covered if I need it.


Light and small enough to pack ‘just in case’, which is a win in my book as it makes them a lot more likely to be used on rides.

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Product:Stratos H2O waterproof shorts.
Price: £125.00
Tested:by Dave for One month.

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    So you carry these in your pack much as you would a waterproof jacket ?
    So do you wear them over your normal riding shorts if it rains or do a quick change on the trail ? Sorry but i wear my endura Mt500 sprays for the whole ride, and this Mavic idea seems an unusual arrangement to me?

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