GT 2016 – the CSG Launch (VIDEO)

by Barney Marsh 4

And now for the second course in our grand CSG launch 2016 banquet – it’s GT!

At the beginning of the week, Barney went down to the Williams F1 team HQ to peruse the latest bikes from Mr Gary Turner’s wonderful world – here’s what caught his eye:

GT Zaskar

DSC_0796To celebrate its 25th anniversary (that’ll make some readers feel old) the massively versatile (it’s won *everything* in its time) Zaskar is turning back into the fun bike of yore – a 27.5in gnardtail. We liked the £800 Zaskar comp we reviewed last year but it was a fairly XC nose down job – this is a return to the huckster of yore. There are two carbon models and three alloy ones; carbon ones get 142×12 through axle, internal routing, and of course they all get that triple triangle.DSC_0795The bikes we saw are US spec. though – CSG are speccing them differently for the UK. We get shorter stems, wider bars, gnarlier tyres and all of them (apart from the cheapest Sport) will get a 1x transmission. Sounds awesome.

Different colours, different models. From top: Carbon expert, Elite, Comp, Sport

Prices start at £849 for the Comp and go up to £1,899 for the Carbon Expert.

GT Verb

The Verb is a new model in GT’s range – it aims to be a very fun 120mm budget full-sus, and two of these models come in at under £1k. Here’s a quick video of George chatting about them:

DSC_0803There are three models to choose from: Comp, Elite and Expert in rising price. They use GT’s iDrive system, which isolates the drivetrain from pedalling forces. It works well, too – there’s been a version of it on the go since 2000 or thereabouts.

DSC_0805Here’s the linkage that isolates the BB from the rear end, and (sort of) attaches it to the front triangle. It’s complicated; watch the video up there ^^.

Prices start at £799 for the Comp and go up to £1,199 for the Expert.

GT Sensor

DSC_0809A new slimmer arse to shave 180g of the total frame weight, the sensor gets a longer fork up front too – so it’s now 140mm at the front and 130mm at the back. Looks lovely in orange, we reckon – but there’s something to be  said for…DSC_0807…black. Fully stealthed out does look rather ace. It was at the very back of the display, so not really accessible, so here’s a link to some pics from Chipps’ US presscamp report.

Prices from £1,499 for the alloy Comp up to £4,299 for the Carbon Pro.

GT Fury

DSC_0817Old-skool GT Timberline paintjob, nu-skool DH monster: ace. You can pick up one of these beasties – the Fury Elite – for £2,500. Fury frames alone go for £1,799 and the range goes up to the World Cup at £4,999.

The GT Trailer

Chris showed us round one of the GT luxury trailers some lucky folks get to cruise about in (they’ve got two!). There’s a workshop down below – which typically in such trailers houses F1 cars, a luxury relaxing area with big TV and air conditioning, and…

DSC_0827Some rather swish looking bunks. Luxury loo just to the right, there.DSC_0829We couldn’t find the keys to the drinks cabinet, sadly.


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  1. I like the look of both the Orange Verb – seems really good value, and the Orange Sensor.

    What suspension system is the Sensor using? It doesn’t look like the classic I-Drive to me because of the pivot on the chainstay.

  2. “A nice modern 69.5-degree head angle”
    Very strange decision. That’s more like circa 2005.

  3. Pinkster – it’s GT’s AOS system – it’s a bit clearer in this story from last years’ launch:

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