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Today, I feel, may well be a day of cheese. What’s your poison? Eighties Hair Metal? Easy listening? Perhaps a little disco? Or do your tastes run to something even more extreme? No, surely that’s a step too far.

Whatever your poison, stick it on your headphones, and cast your slavering peepers (is that even a thing?) over the cornucopia of delectables we’ve lined up for you this week – it’s Fresh Goods Friday!

Specialized Stumpjumper FSR 650B Elite

Spec' Stumpjumper

Much venerated, and with good reason, the Stumpy is now available in a baffling array of flavours. This one is a 150mm travel long-legged trail monster in a frankly startling hue. And Specialized refer to what we call 27.5in as 650B – it’s as if they’re trying to be all sensible and metric. It’s also an XL, so mutant canal-bred weirdos Barney, James and Jamie will fit. Sadly it still doesn’t include handles for James’ pseudopodia – but we doubt Specialized will make anything so – er – specialised (see what we did there?).


The shock has Speccy’s Autosag gizmo on it (and no, that’s not something to do with self-propelled Indian food) – basically pump up the shock to 300psi or thereabouts, sit on it with all your riding clobber on, press the valve in red, and enough air comes out to give you 20% sag. It’s pretty neat – and it makes set up so simple it’s ridic. (We’re told that’s the modern parlance). Even James can use it!


SLX stoppers – frankly, it’s hard to see why you’d need more.


Good old Horst link has a neat internal routing slot for the SRAM mech. Roval Traverse wheelset has nice wide rims too for stability and unimpeachable gnar credentials.


Naturally, it’s got a complete X1 groupset (more gnar cred)…

IMG_8824The aluminium Stumpys don’t have the SWAT door which holds tools/baguettes/small children, but to make up for it it’s got a little tool which bolts on next to the bottle cage (which is also included). Pretty sick/dope/fly/wicked/splendid (delete as appropriate. We won’t judge).


And here’s the headbadge shot. Be honest, you’d miss it if it wasn’t here, wouldn’t you.

Oh, suit yourselves.

Price: £3,500

From: Specialized

SKS Dirt Board and Set-X-Blade


A cunning assemblage of black and grey rubbery plastic. Excellent for the prevention of Trench-Arse (the back one), and Trench Face (the front one) when the weather turns gopping. Which, on present balance, is ALL THE TIME

Price: £26.99

From: SKS Germany


Nebula-W (240 Lumens)


Okay, now this is slightly confusing. That yellow ring there? It’s a one piece thing with 30 chips.It’s bright (240 lumens, PAY ATTENTION!) and it’s rechargeable via USB. Nice.

Price: £45.99

Nebula (100 Lumens)


Here’s the rear-pointing one, in the dark and switched on. Either that or an elongated hot plate.

Price: £45.99

LX- 760 (760 Lumens)


Pow. Much brightness in a small package. Good for commuting and the occasional foray into off-road night ride territory to blind rabbits. One-piece CREE LED, 2hr 20min run time at full chat. Not too shabby at all.

Price: £89.99

Aerolite (60 Lumens)


USB Rechargeable commuter light – helmet mounts and lots of other good things.

Price: £34.99

Ring-W (60 Lumens)


NEW! 60 lumens of ring shaped brighness in a little frontward package, just for you.


See? It looks like something from a scifi movie – as if a bit from the inside of a teeny tiny Nostromo was strapped to the front of your bike.

Price: £24.99

Ring (25 Lumens)


Here’s the back one – 25 lumens this time…


And it looks *very* like a teeny Action Man camping stove.

Price: £24.99

From: Moon

Aqua2go Pro 20L


A smart, portable, rechargeable battery powered pressure washer. What’s not to love? Warning – do not attempt to clean your hamster with it. You’ll flush all the grease out of its bearings.

Price: £135

From: Aqua2go


Griffin 27.5×2.40 3C


Tyres! Downhill tyres! There’s the Griffin in a multi-rubberred 3C Maxx grip layup…

Price: £53.99

Griffin 27.5×2.40 ST


And here it is in SuperTacky – which we like on the front for maximum, MAXIMUM grip. Like a gecko with crampons.

Price: £45.99

From: Maxxis


HO2 Pedals

Onza are back, back, back! Slightly different, though – we’re no longer compelled to spell their name with a capital Z (OnZa was how it went, back in the day). And they’ve sent us some sweet gear to perv over look at.


Pedals! Sealed bearings, chromoly axle.

Price: £59.99

Onza Ules Grips


Old Skool – supertacky rubber, and lock on. Awesome.

Price: £19.99

Rigormortis Seatpost


3D forged 6061 alloy. 27.2, 30.9 or 31.6 sizes. Micro Adjustment head. I wish mine did that; stopping it from nodding forwards at boring parties would be so much easier.

Price: £34.99

Bold Bar


Black on black, and a handlebar. So pretty much the most difficult thing to photograph this side of a Higgs Boson. Flat, with a backsweep and 740mm of Stealth.

Price: £49.99

Strip Bar


Slightly more easy to photograph! Hurrah! The Strip Bar (see what they did there?) is 7075 alloy 780mm length.

Price: £54.99

Diminutive and OZ Stems


Stems. Machined and short. Bof.

Price: £54.99 (each)

All from Moore Large.

One Up Chain Device



It’s a chain guide! And it’s easy to install without removing anything from your bike, as the gif above will (hopefully) demonstrate! If it’s animated properly it looks like something from King Rollo.

Price: TBC

All from: Onza

Specialized 2FO Flat MTB Women’s


The ladies’ version of Specialized’s 2FO shoes. We love this colour scheme – they make a good looking shoe look even awesomer. PURPLE, people! What’s not to love?

Price: £90.00

From: Specialized


Five Ten Freerider Women’s


Well, these puppies have a pink sole – frankly I fail to see why the guys ones don’t come in pink too. WANT. HARD.

Price: £80.00

From: Five Ten

Yup, that’s yer lot for this week! If you’ve been good and sat through the musical stuff up there ^^ you probably deserve some quality – so here’s some decent stuff from the eighties, just for you. Have a great weekend, folks!

ST out.



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