Eurobike 2015: Stan’s

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A couple of things from Our Stan (as no-one calls him that I know) – the previous 3.30 hub is gone, gone gone, and is replaced with the new, designed from the ground up, Neo and Neo Ultimates!

IMG_0095They’re fully custom designed by a mystery headset manufacturer. The Shell is 100% CNCed in one hit, with preposterously fine tolerances. IMG_0096There is a straight axle with no stress risers, everything is ultra-precise. The main difference between the Neo and the Neo Ultimate is that the former has 4 pawls, and the latter has 6, out of phase. Built into the Valour Carbon XC rim, these are €1,699 and €1,999 per pair respectively. Sweet.

Speaking of the Valour… meet the Bravo.

IMG_0098It’s basically the Valour on steroids. They’re good for 2.5in tyres, and they’ve got a fairly low profile for wide rims, which apparently helps with deflection and decreases spoke snappage.IMG_0097They’re undergoing constant testing by the Athertons – so you can be sure that they’ll be plenty strong. For an explanation of the whole rim philosophy (and some cool slo-mo) look at around 50s into this little video

For more info on Stan’s, click here


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