Eurobike 2015: EXCLUSIVE! New rims from DT-Swiss

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Okay, it might not be the sexiest story in the world, but DT were keen to shout about their new rims – the XM481 and XM551

DSC_0988The name is based on the target weight – with washers and nipples the 551 apparently comes in at 595g and the 481 comes in at a creditable 490g, The 551 has a 40mm internal width, and is 27.5in only. The 30mm internal 481 comes in 27.5 and 29in flavour.

DSC_0990DT claim that these weights are comparable to some carbon rims, and of course they’re a fraction of the price. The rims cost £89.99 each. We should see them hitting stores in the UK in September.


They’re not doing one wider than 40mm – DT feel that going beyond 40mm decreases strength unless you pile on the weight. The 551 should be good for 2.8ion tyres at least.

XMC1200 Spline

DSC_0992Top top end wheels from DT. Rumour has it they’ll be about soon. These carbon do-everything puppies are 32 pawled, boost available and will come with a predictive steering option for those of us with RS1s.

DSC_0998The seals on the top end DT Swiss forks can apparently also be found on top end Ducatis. So now you know.

More info on DT Swiss here

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    Ooof! £90 for 1 alloy rim?

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