Eurobike 2015: Lupine

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Lupine are showing a whole new range of lights, with remotes and (not pictured) a responsive looking app for controlling lights, looking at runtime, power remianing, etc. Details below.

The Neo 4 is the smallest of the range, with a 50g lamp head and a 120g battery.
It doesn’t have a Bluetooth remote…
… but it is a tiny light for your noggin if weight up there bothers you. 700 lumens.


The Piko R 4 SmartCore is next up the range, and the smallest with Bluetooth.
1500 Lumens.
This lamp head is 55g, the battery another 120.

All except the smallest had these nifty bluetooth remotes.

These were working at the show. There was no lag, and despite a whole bunch of lights and remotes being around, seemed to work without any crosstalk too.


The Wilma R 7 is getting into seriously bright territory now, with 3200 lumens.
With brightness comes the beef, with a 120g lamp head and a 240g battery. Still not particularly heavy though.
All of the lights in the range are waterproof to two metres.


Finally, the Betty R 7 is the biggest of the bunch, with seven LEDs and a 5000 lumen output.
150g lamp paired with the 240g battery.
That bluetooth remote again. It appears lit up when your lights are on, but because of the high MHz duty cycle of LEDs, I had to take loads of photos before I caught this.
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