Eurobike 2015: Cane Creek DB Coil CS

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Cane Creek have launched and end*ro specific coil shock with a climb switch. They told us that it made a lot of sense due to the way downhill and *cough* the E world are becoming more extreme in Europe, and that at first, they thought it’d be easy to just replace some gubbins in one of their other shocks. Finding that to not quite be the case, they redesigned a lot of what they knew to make this work optimally with existing 150 – 170mm frames.

Angular presentation plate, because obv. this is the shock of the future.
New shock shown here on a Ghost frame.
Climb switch!
There it is again!
And from afar. This is aimed at 150mm – 170mm bikes for doing that thing beginning with “E”.
They also had a not new air shock on a Canyon frame, lit alluringly in purple, but wanted to talk FAR more about the coil shock.

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