CoreBike2016 – Part 1

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Barney and Rich popped over to CoreBike show near Silverstone. It’s a chance to say hello to loads of distributors, and to take a look at what’s new and exciting in the world of bikes for 2016. This year, quite a lot of stuff was embargoed until Eurobike, but there were still quite a few morsels for us to feast our eyes on.


Here we go!

Moore Large

Onza is back back back! Now owned by Moore Large, many people will remember the bar ends of yore; the tyres, the grips. In the late Nineties they became more of a trials brand, but now they’re back on the MTB scene, and they’ve moved into bikes as well as the stuff wot they used to do (stand back; I’m a professional)

Onza Jackpot


This is the first of Onza’s two bikeofferings. They’ll be doing frames as well as bikes, and custom builds through a dealer program. We covered these puppies earlier in the year, but they’re getting ever closer to release – think ‘imminent’. You can get the bikes fully built up, with custom options, via a dealer, or you can get them as a frame only.

4130 chromoly, snakeskin welds, superlight tubes, tapered headtube. The Jackpot is a 27.5in ripper, designed for a 150mm fork; the Payout is a 29in machine running a 120 fork.

Onza Payout


The 29er is a fine looking beast – good to see Pikes as an option, too. It keeps things old skool with a 27.2 on the seatpost side for comfy, so you’re limited in terms of droppers, although…

DSC_0787There’s plenty of room for some seriously wide rubber in there.

DSC_0788Both frames run to a press-fit BB, as they’ll be offering an eccentric to take it singlespeed. And there’s a hollow one-piece yoke to stiffen up the back end too. Like the carpet?

Frames will RRP at £375 including headset and rear axle. Complete bikes (with Revelations etc) will be £1850 for the Jackpot and £1600 for the Payout, and custom bikes will be – er – custom.

There are all the pedals, bars, stems and grips too, that we covered earlier in the year.


More info from Onza

Pisspots and wicker baskets – it’s all the rage


Lots to see here from the good folks at Lepisma saccharina.

Mondraker first, I think:

Dune Carbon R

DSC_0842 (1)A beautiful carbon Star Wars Storntrooper-worthy Dune Carbon R. Seriously – this is an awesome paintjob. 160mm of YES PLEASE. £4,599 and it’s yours.DSC_0841We were invited by Thomas to gaze lovingly upon the smoothness of the inside of a Dune carbon frame. See the lack of burrs, or pointless extraneousness? See the precision of the layup to ensure not a single bit of carbon is wasted? It was all Thomas could do not to cry.

DSC_0845 (1)Aluminium Dunes have similarly cool paintjobs, and a slightly more pronounced top tube hump. The same forward geometry though.  Price £3,999DSC_0850Vantage RR + – the Vantage RR we all know, but WIDERER. Looks a hoot with its Chronicle 3.0 tyres. Price £2,399.

DSC_0848And here’s a Crafty RR + too – 140mm of travel; 3.0in of squidge. Price £3699.


The Panzer full Fatbike £1,999 made an appearance, as did..

The Mondraker Chrono

DSC_0851The Chrono – check out those graphics! Here’s a closeup:
DSC_0852Oh, we like that a lot. £1,999 for carbon, XT, RockShox, you know the score. Mondraker XC bikes don’t have the Forward Geometry of the bigger bikes in the range (yet)…

Yeti Beti SB5c

DSC_0835 (2) The same frame as the regular SB5c, but with different contact points, and different paint. But blimey, it looks the business. £5,799. And you’ll need some sunglasses.

Yeti ASRc

DSC_0836 (2)Oh, for goodness’ sake – LOOK AT IT! To our mind those tan sidewalls make the ASRc look completely and utterly gorgeous. It’s £5,199.

EVIL The Following

DSC_0857 (1)29er. Fun. Aggressive. Short travel (120mm), versatile.(it says here). And possibly the best name in the 120mm 29er pantheon. £2.299

EVIL Uprising Race Build

DSC_0856 (1)A 26in 150mm travel monster, here displayed in its own coffin. £5,999

As far as Evil is concerned, there’s a suspiciously 27.5in shaped hole in the repertoire… keep ’em peeled, people – keep ’em peeled.
DSC_0839 (2)Tom got far too excited pouring everyone drinks…

More information from Silverfish

Eyes open for part 2 – coming to a mountain bike website of immense awesomeness soon…


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    When are the Ulés available from Onza, please?

    yes yes ules, please! BEST. GRIPS. EVER

    Colour me cynical but that sectional Mondraker looks like it was made like that, not cut from a production frame. Nicely finished edges on the sectional parts are the giveaway.

    26 ain’t dead….but here’s one in a coffin

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