Charge, Sombrio and Fabric – CSG 2016 (VIDEO)

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In the final instalment of our stories from the CSG launch, Barney takes a look at what’s hot to trot from hardtail-meisters Charge, clothing-meisters Sugoi and saddle-meisters (arse-meisters?) Fabric:

First up, then –

Charge Cooker

Well, first of all the Charge Cooker is now designed around 27.5+ wheels. The chaps at Charge tried all the 27.5+ combos available, and settled on a 2.8in WTB tyre and 40mm rim combo as the best combination of rolling resistance, cornering ability, comfort and aesthetics.

Cookers come in a variety of different flavours, from the singlespeed Cooker 0 through to the Ti Cooker 5. There’s new geometry; it’s still an XC leaning machine, but it’s longer and slacker, with shorter chainstays. The Cookers with suspension all come with Boost front ends, too.

This is Main Man Ash’s personal bike, so the spec. isn’t stock. It’s a pre-production model, but the frame is the same as the production bikes, and it looks ace:

DSC_0842He’s got 3.0in Nobby Nicks on there – which aren’t on the production ones, but certainly look purposeful.

DSC_0845Yup, it’s 1x – isn’t everything these days?

Here’s Ash chatting about it:

This very bike is in to test, folks – so look for it very soon in Fresh Goods Friday!

Prices for the Cookers range from £699.99 for the 0 all the way up to £2,999.99 for the 5.

DSC_0835More details here.


For 2016, CSG have let Sugoi focus on road gear, and brought Sombrio to the fore for their MTB collection. And there’s some tidy looking gear, too:

Pinner Shorts

DSC_0728Freeride shorts. Tough fabric, Seamless crotch, lift pass retention thingy. £100.

Disciple Jersey

DSC_0729We like the look of this camo top a lot. 3/4 length, wicking, drop back hem. £40.

Pedigree Jersey

DSC_0731Ace womens’ top. Same features as the Disciple, but a different cut (natch) and pattern. £40

Duster and Rev

DSC_0732DH jersey and shorts respectively. Pyjama-tastic for the climbing-averse. £55 and £90 respectively.

Prodigy GlovesDSC_0733

Twisted Fire Starters. £30

Vagabond Freeriding Shirt

The CSG lot were all wearing these. Stretch fabric, bike light loops and vented pits an’ that. Look suave while you shred. £70

Silhouette Freeride Shirt

DSC_0734Ladies’ version for the same price (£70). We actually prefer the ladies one – sadly Barney won’t fit into it. He did try though.

More details from Sombrio


Some cool stuff from Fabric, as they advance from their established position as saddlers. A couple of things in particular caught our eye, in the more tool-y area of Fabric’s range:


DSC_0836A CO2 kit with nicely designed levers, held together by a silicone band. £19.99 gets you two cartridges. Nice blue, people; nice blue.


DSC_0839We like this a lot. It’s a little multi-tool setup which has loads of attachments, and a ratchet mechanism in the top of the housing/handle. It’s £34.99.

DSC_0840 (1)For more details see Fabric’s website.

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