‘Aving it ‘Ard! The ‘Ard Rock Enduro ‘As It Large.

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Around 1600 riders and racers all turned up for the 2015 ‘Ard Rock Enduro, making it probably the biggest participation event of 2015 (though you’re welcome to prove us wrong…)
In between the shiny, shiny bikes and the knee pads were some of the cheeriest and happiest racers we’ve seen for a goodly while. The weather helped, with a large amount of sunshine on the Saturday and cooler, but dry weather on the Sunday.

The sizeable tent village and unofficial VW T5 show…


Stage One was loose and slidey – a real wake-up

The event sold out in minutes this year, cementing its place as one of the must-do events of the season and so it’ll only get more popular as years go by – especially if the combination of great course, good food and entertainment and wonderful scenery continues.

Many people tried the sheep. Few succeeded


Luckily most of the scrabbly climbing was on the transitions, leaving the stages pure downhill-ish

Before you get carried away, here’s the official video.




Banana pants


There was a bit of this…


…and a lot of pro elbows going on




Everyone loves a winner






Plenty of this on Saturday



And a bit of this





And who doesn’t love a rock covers band?


The MBUK boys fix a puncture using sheer numbers


It wasn’t all downhill though… this on the way to Stage 2


I recognise that faraway look…


‘By-eck, lad’ or something.


Team Kesteven won the awesomeness competition




It’s safe to assume that all this lot will want to come back next year, so keep your eyes open on the entries next spring.


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    It was a really great event, I enjoyed it much more than last year.

    I can confirm that a rear tyre with some grip enhances the overall experience and makes you about 5 minutes quicker over the timed bits (even though the course was approx. 2.5 mins longer)

    I cant wait for next year!

    “unofficial VW T5 show” <- LOL 😉

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