5.10 Impact VXi

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5.10 Impacts

First published in Singletrack Magazine issue 97

The Impact VXi had a major overhaul in 2014, with some very welcome changes to its weight, stiffness and foam. The previous incarnation was a little bulky (to say the least); it had great protection and comfort but took a week or two to dry, even when stuffed with newspaper on a radiator.

The new Impact VXi is lighter, stiffer, and dries faster. The weight loss is also very welcome. I’ve ridden in them all day and completely forgotten they were there. Some of this weight loss has been made possible by the use of closed-cell foam and a quick-drying upper.

They also benefit massively from the rubber sole compound; 5.10 is world-renowned for its insect-catching sticky rubber, and the Stealth Mi6 used here is one hell of a sticky rubber compound. I’ve been mainly using Race Face Atlas pedals, and they grip like a baby monkey clinging to its mother’s tummy [pardon? – Ed.]. I’ve only managed to shake them loose a couple of times through the roughest sections while pedalling. The Mi6 also offers a good level of shock absorption and is holding up well to the razor-sharp pins of the Atlas pedals.

Fit-wise they seem spot on; I’m a 9.5 in most shoes including these. There is plenty of room in the toe box and the laces tighten the entire shoe nicely and stay fastened. The outer is quite weather resistant and durable, with a good level of protection around the toes and outer edge of your foot.


The changes 5.10 has made to the classic Impact have resulted in a class-leading shoe that is light, has incredible grip and is comfortable to pedal and walk in.

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    Great shoes to ride in…but the soles of mine have come unglued after 6 weeks.

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