New GoPro HERO4 Session – extrateeny ‘Life Capture Solution’

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GoPro have announced their teeniest camera yet – the SERO4 Session is apparently 50% smaller and 40% lighter than the existing units, and as such it offers a ‘simple yet powerful life-capture solution’


Awful choice of words aside (does anyone go into a shop and say “What ho, good man! I’m viewing to purchase a new Life-Capture Solution!”?) it’s a new, teeny camera. It’s compatible with all the hardware you’ll no-doubt have lying around from your old, obsolete cameras. It’ll shoot up to 1440 resolution at 30fps with one-button operation, although you can use the app or Smart Remote.

Of course, this all makes a lot of sense for us. The ability of cameras to shoot in 4K resolution is actually pretty pointless in our opinion. The vast majority of this footage ends up online, and even if it doesn’t 4K uses an enormous pile of memory to shoot, and you need a colossal PC rig to play it – let alone edit it or anything exciting. 720p HD at 100 FPS essentially means you’ve got pretty good resolution with the ability to do dramatic slo-mo of your mate Dave’s entertaining crash should you need to.

The size thing is pretty welcome, too. Teeny means that it’s less obvious when poking out of the top of your helmet, and it’s already waterproof – no extra housing required.

It’ll run to $399 in the US and £330 in the UK. We’ll get one in to test ASAP…

For more information, click here.

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