‘Complete Speed’ With Guy Martin DVD Out

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We’ve had a review copy in of the complete eight-episode DVD of ‘Speed With Guy Martin’ in for a while and it’s made great watching while waiting for the weather to improve.

Whether you saw the whole series when it came out, or if you only caught a couple, every episode makes great viewing even the second or third time. From Guy Martin’s wide-eyed innocence when asking experts about how to do things, to the shed-builders of the world helping him achieve his crazy ideas and the over-egged sense of drama in every episode, it’s an entertaining few evenings in.

As the blurb puts it: “Together with the best of British engineering, design, scientific research, ground breaking technology and a Gold-medal-winning athlete or two, Guy’s heart-stopping challenges include: Britain’s Fastest Cyclist, Hydroplaning Bike, Human Powered Aircraft, World’s Fastest Toboggan, 24 hour Tandem, Pike’s Peak Hill Climb, Hovercraft speed record and the fastest Gravity Racer.”


‘I wonder if I should have another slice of cake?’


‘Mmm! Cake gooood!’

We had a thoroughly good afternoon with Guy last year, despite some horrible weather, when we interviewed him for Issue 88, and found him to be a lovely chap with a hugely inquisitive character, full of questions for us, rather than answers about himself, and that personality really shines through on the DVD. Needless to say, the appearance of Singletrack forum regular, Terrahawk, in the World Tandem Distance record attempt is the high point of the film and worth the modest price (a tenner on Amazon for the DVD, £15 for the BluRay)

It’s out now in all the usual places on BluRay and DVD, courtesy of Dazzler Media, (in time for Father’s Day, HINT HINT!) and includes both series one and two of the hugely successful Channel 4 series Speed with Guy Martin.

However, you might be able to win a copy, free, for gratis and for nothing – in conjunction with Singletrack and Dazzler Media by entering our caption competition!

What do you think Jorji our Art Editor has just said to Guy Martin in this photo below?

Answers on an email please, headed ‘Guy Martin Competition’ to: competition@singletrackworld.com.

We have one copy of the DVD to give away, so make it good (and keep it vaguely clean). The winning caption will be picked during ‘drink beer at your desk Friday’ on Friday June 26th. Please note – competition only available to residents of the UK.


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