Spotted at Tweedlove – Rachael Walker’s Doodled Furtado

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Inspired by Alan Cook’s Santa Cruz at Andes Pacifico, here’s the result of a good few hours work with a sharpie and an active imagination…

One careful lady owner
One careful (but fast) lady owner

In a plan hatched with top snapper Sam Needham, Rachael’s Juliana Furtado features a ton of freehand sharpie art and doodling to complement the purple themed Hope components.

Sam reckons drawing on the frame was a bit of a tough proposition due to the slippery finish of the paintjob, but the results look pretty hot we think you’ll agree. A layer of InvisiFRAME protects the finished work.

DSCF3444 DSCF3467

And here’s the close ups of the detailing…



DSCF3448 DSCF3449 DSCF3450 DSCF3452 DSCF3454 DSCF3455 DSCF3457 DSCF3463 DSCF3464 DSCF3468 DSCF3469 DSCF3471

Too delicate for you? Here’s a bit of pimp landy action instead…

Oh my...
Oh my…


Comments (13)

    Purple is not a crime ….

    That Land Rover is pimp as f**k

    God damn, bloomin’ gorgeous :0)

    If I took a sharpie to my bike, it would look it was done by my 5 year old with a broken thumb…

    Surname instead of first name? Is it not a Juliana….

    Johnnystorm – it is a (brand name) Juliana (model) Furtado:

    A white saddle? It was doing so well until then.

    Shakes head, mumbles about standards……… Tch.

    Ah, I see know. Knew of Juliana bikes, didn’t know they’d done the equivalent of a Ferrari Enzo! 🙂

    Purple on bikes? So, so right.

    “Spotted at Tweedlove”

    More like purposely lent against a wall while close up photos were taken…

    Geez. “Know” instead of “now”.

    Time to step away from the keyboard.

    Has this taken Chipps title of the purplest bike in the UK?

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