Oh, For Fork’s sake: Wickens & Soderstrom release suspension lube with TF Tuned

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Wickens and Soderstrom, those Victorian sounding purveyors of bicycle unguents, have teamed up with FT Tuned, West-country sounding bicycle suspension massagers, to release a fork lube they’ve co-developed.


So here it is – Wickens & Soderstrom No.4 Tuned Suspension Lubricant is apparently a ‘Nano suspension lubricant’. Which means oils, waxes and ‘Nano’ particles repel dirt, and protect and lubricate your suspension. They claim it cleans as it lubricates, reduces friction and wear, prolongs seal and coating life, and protects suspension from dirt and moisture. Sadly there’s nothing on the bottle about making you ride better, or improving ones whip.

TF Tuned’s Ian Kennedy said: “Any product we use in the workshop has to work effectively and offer noticeable maintenance and performance benefits for the suspension we service. The suspension lubricant developed by Wickens & Soderstrom reduces breakaway force and seal stiction whilst also protecting the fork stanchions or shock body.  Using the No. 4 Tuned Suspension Lubricant as part of a regular cleaning and maintenance regime will help reduce wear on the surfaces and seals of your suspension.  We will be using No.4 Tuned Suspension Lubricant for all our suspension service jobs.”

It’ll be out sometime this month. Price will be £14

More details here

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    only looks like a small bottle – maybe a pre-ride drink?

    Sure I’m not the only one that read that as Sodastream !? Anyway looks decent.

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