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At last month’s Sea Otter Classic event in California, our very own Chipps was collared and sat round a virtual round table to take part in in a Spokesman podcast featuring Gary Fisher, Carlton Reid, Paul Skilbeck, Richard Masoner & Julie Kelly.

Click the picture to visit the Spokesman website for more podcasts

Listen as they all ramble on about..

  • The Sea Otter Classic itself.
  • eBikes
  • Tweed
  • Cool Products seen at Sea Otter
  • Trek Stache
  • Hard working journalists, Chipps (teehee)
  • Fat bikes
  • Plus sizes
  • Standards dammit!
  • Savoury Gels
  • Arthur C Clarke
  • Women in cycling
  • Fighting Fat
  • Riding bikes in cities

How to listen

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Visit the Spokesman Website and listen from the page





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