Do werewolves actually ride bikes?

by 12

Right then. Here’s the new edit promoting the 27+ Charge Cooker, starring (in chronological order):

  • Rob Jarman in a suit;
  • Rob Jarman in a wolf mask;
  • Rob Jarman in a suit van surfing on aforementioned 27+ Charge Cooker (that’ll be the promotional bit, then);
  • A shedful of chickens;
  • An angry farmer armed with dogs and shotgun;
  • Rob Jarman wearing nothing at all.

Charge assures us that no chickens, dogs or bikes were harmed in the making of this film. Not sure the same can be said of Jarman’s balls, though… If anyone from Somerset would like to enlighten us as to what exactly they put in the water down there, we’d be grateful because we are, frankly, just a little bit concerned.


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