Back Sack Craic?

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Anyone who occasionally browses Kickstarter will be aware that bike lights are plum territory for innovation, with ideas ranging from sensible to plain nuts, all falling from the crowdfunding tree like conkers in an autumn gale.

The latest creation to swing into view is Bike Balls. Modelled on the veg bit of meat-and-two-veg, Bike Balls dangle beneath your crotch, glowing red for all to (hopefully) see.

Installation seems quite straightforward: clip the top around a saddle rail and that’s it, it’s in the bag. Then just give your Balls a firm squeeze and they’ll go red. They’re not competing with the fog-light potency of some lights, but the swinging motion is eye-catching at close quarters. Maybe it’d prevent a driver who’s distracted by drinking a cup of tea bagging a cyclist? Who knows.

The product looks fairly well-rounded at this stage, though Kickstarter products often get honed before final production. Scott, who co-hones Bike Balls with colleague Heather, says of the risks ahead: “there can always be small issues that arise during tooling”. Well, quite.

Maybe we can get some in for an ickle test.

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    I really wish I hadn’t been drinking a cup of tea whilst reading this!

    “Maybe it’d prevent a driver who’s distracted by drinking a cup of tea bagging a cyclist?”

    Subtle, guys, subtle. (-:

    reminds me of next door’s dog

    complete with realistic hair -excellent – how many drivers would drive up your rear end to get a closer look! Maybe a Buster Gonad set would be required for some city commuting/bad driving 😉

    The front light to match better be a dildo with an LED bell-end.

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