Sea Otter 2015: MRP rings and guides

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MRP showed its clever ‘one-by ring without going thick/thin’ a couple of years ago. Instead of going thick/thin, the teeth were offset from side to side in a left/middle/right/middle/left style which was a different way of doing the chain gripping thing. After a lot of testing, MRP reckoned that it wouldn’t quite work out with 10 and 11 speed chains, so it has now changed to a left and right tooth wave that works well with 10 and 11 speed chains. There’s a direct mount SRAM ring as well as SRAM and Shimano bolt circle versions too from 28 to 38T.

Very tall teeth also help grip the chain



Black is the new black. No funny colours here.


Left and right sided teeth grip the chain from the inside

Moving on to chain guides, a rolling change to all of the MRP chain guides is this new TPU lining that helps keep any chain rub noise down.

There’s still room for chain guides, right?


Versions for all bolt on kind of thingies


The MRP AMG is now the AMG2! It’s been completely redone with a lighter ISCG (05 and 03) mount in carbon or alloy. There’s a new skid plate (with lightening grooves on the back of the plate, rather than the mud-collecting front (thanks to suggestions from Ison Distribution, MRP’s UK distributor)

The AMG2 will come in a 26-32 and a 32-38 version, in both carbon and aluminium. Weights are 95g and 111g respectively.

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