Sea Otter 2015: Fat Chance Cycles in the flesh

by Chipps 7

Chris Chance was on hand at the Sea Otter to show off his near to production bikes – which includes much of the forum-based ‘constructive criticism’ after revealing his original Kickstarter campaign.

A happy Mr Chance

The 2015 Yo Eddy will feature a new, straight head tube (rather than the unpopular conical design) and some neat touches, like zip-tie cable stops, a bolt-on front mech boss and some shaped and machined chainstays – especially in the crank clearance area. Having previously never said he’d have a shaped (or dented) chainstay, Chance has had to go against his principles in the name of actually fitting a modern sized tyre in there. Another trademark Fat Chance thing to go by the way are the bullet chainstay ends, due to the newly enlarged dropouts that’ll take the thru-axle.

It’s like this, only brighter!
Traditional untapered stays

Chris is very excited to be back in the bike trade and, with a full initial order book, looks forward in getting the first frames made at their Californian frame shop they’re using.

The Mk2 (or three, if you count the original back in the day) Yo Eddy looks very smart and we imagine it’ll make many new owners very happy.

New, new, new thru-axle dropouts
Lots of room for 27.5 tyres


More pics in the gallery below…

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  1. So, just any old generic HT now that all the FC classic features have been removed? That’s a lot of extra cash for a sticker

  2. Not a lot of clearance between the chain ring and seat stay?

  3. That’s one very ordinary looking bike. Agree about chain ring clearance too.

  4. 650B + and i might of had a look

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