GO Mayhem!

by singletrackjenn 2

Going to Mountain Mayhem this year? Headline sponsors Go Outdoors want to know what you’d like to see…

Peer pressure has already delivered the new pairs category and the Halo Fat Bike Challenge – now outdoor retailer Go Outdoors would like to know what you’d like them to bring to the event, whether it’s their Calibre bikes, basic essentials like tents and sleeping bags, or the newest in hi-tech gadgets.

Got a brilliant idea for them to consider? Head on over to the Go Cycling Facebook page and get your thoughts down on paper (well, pixels, but you know what we mean).


Meanwhile over on Mountain Mayhem’s own Facebook page, they’re looking for willing volunteers for Teams on Screen. The idea is simple: take a picture of yourself and your team (or you and your three/four imaginary friends, if you’re a soloist), fill in the form on the Mayhem website, and get your moment of fame. Especially useful if you’re riding to raise money and awareness for a particular cause.

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  1. Bloke looks like he’s having a sneaky wee.

  2. Do you have to show your discount card for the money off 🙂

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