Fresh Goods Friday 237

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Oh, sweet Friday! Illustrious salve to the vicissitudes of the capricious midweek! And, what’s more, a chance to look at cool stuff!

Scott Scale 740

Racery-tastic! (is that a word?)

This Alu Scott has the same geometry as its carbon brethren, designed for ‘world class speed’. Internal routing, too.

2x XT…
That’s a chunky lock-out lever, right there – 3 settings for maximum speed squeezage
QR front and rear

That lockout controls the Fox CTD fork and 100mm of fast-as-owt travel.

It’s a carbon Zebra

The whole shebang comes in at a whisker under 25lbs.

Price: £1499.99

From: Scott

Felt Double Dee 70

DSC_0240For those who like their bikes a little *wider*, take a look at the Felt Double 70. Aluminium framed, with everything you need to render the untameable tameable. Except for tigers, probably.

DSC_0251Plenty of bosses for bottle attachments and racks and what-have-you on the hydroformed aluminium fork.

Wiiide 100mm BB
9sp reliability
RaceFace Ride Fat cranks…

From: Saddleback

Price: £950

Scott Shorts Trail 20

DSC_0281Complete with removable inner padded short, asymmetric style an’ that for maximum schralping (What? I haven’t used the ‘S’ word in aages…) and maximum style in maximum comfort.

Price: £94.99

Scott Jacket WB Trail MTN 70

What did I do? What did I do?

Catchy named jacket with Windbreaker and Dryozone technology. Stuffs into its jacket pocket when it’s not being orange (or when it’s not raining out).

Price: £84.99

Scott Ridance Glove

Good Ridance? (Sorry. They made me do it)

Built for the rider looking for protection. Durability, breathability, 3D contoured fingers for a precise fit. On this last, it’s worth noting tat they’re too big for Jorji…

Price: £20

Scott Stego Helmet

“a face for radio” – it’s official.

Barney tries to be one of those fellas from CHIPS (no relation). Or perhaps he’s hiding the huge bags under his eyes from having a new baby (hint: it’s the not the former).

It’s got an integrated MIPS brain protection system, comes in 3 sizes, has a Micro Rotatory Adjustment System, extended coverage and optimised venting. Even Barney can’t make it look bad (as much as he tries, simply by existing).

Price: £119.99

Scott Trail short sleeved T-Shirt

DSC_0285A wicking technical T continuing the asymmetrical theme

Price: £50

Scott Elite BOA Shoes


An all-mountain shoes with a more relaxed fit (than other racing-snake shoes in their range, presumably). They’ve got a Boa ratchet for closure and sticky rubber (in groovy red-orange colours) for grip.

Price: £100

All of the above available from Scott

Aldi Backpack

GVM assumes the position

GVM is planning some back-country expeditions in the near future – he’s camping out in the woods until the heat dies down. So he’s delighted at the prospect of this Aldi backpack. Lots of pockets (for hiding his ‘special stuff’), a large main compartment, a vented back, and a bladder.

The hero pose, for all those GVM fans. You know who you are. Larger photos available on request.

Price: £19.99

Available FROM SUNDAY April 12th from Aldis everywhere…

GT  All Terra Mini Pump

DSC_0122One size-fits-all valve, foldable T-handle and black/red colourscheme

Price: £14.99

GT Carbon Bottle Cage

DSC_0121It’s a bottle cage made of carbon! Flared sides for easy access, and a firm hold in 23g flavour.

Price: £29.99

GT Disc Pads

DSC_0121-2Budget stoppers

Price: £4.99

GT All-Terra Rear Light

DSC_0120-2USB rechargeable rear light brightness

Price: £24.99

GT All-Terra Front light

DSC_0118USB rechargeable, 300 lumens of 180 degree visibility…

Price: £59.99

GT All-Terra Saddle Bag

DSC_0117Made from Tech Tarp, so it’s durable and waterproof…

Price: £13.99

Gt Traffic Floor Pump

DSC_0114Up to 120psi in a roadie style, and with a cunning one-size-fits-all valve head.

Price: 24.99

All GT stuff is from CSG

..and we’re done! The weather actually looks pretty good this weekend, so as fast as our little pins can carry us we’re heading out to try to remember what riding bikes in anything other than clag is actually like. Have a great weekend!

Barney Marsh

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He’s been, with varying degrees of success, a scientist, teacher, shop assistant, binman and, for one memorable day, a hospital laundry worker. These days, he’s a dad, husband, guitarist, and writer, also with varying degrees of success. He sometimes takes photographs. Some of them are acceptable.

Occasionally he rides bikes to cast the rest of his life into sharp relief. Or just to ride through puddles. Sometimes he writes about them. Bikes, not puddles.

He is a writer of rongs, a stealer of souls and a polisher of turds.

He isn’t nearly as clever or as funny as he thinks he is.

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    Hoorah! Looks like I win this weeks spot the deliberate mistake competition. The 12th’s Sunday not Monday, and you’d not want anyone to miss out on Aldi bargains would you?
    Once it’s gone etc………

    Can people stop talking about the Aldi bargains until I’ve been!?

    Oh, you guys… updated 🙂

    Aldi and Lidl and my employers are conspiring against me. EVERY time A + L have temping stuff on the cheap, my employers have me out of the country at work.
    Grrr. Mrs Seadog refuses to enter said establishments on my behalf.

    Fantastic name for the Felt

    I can vouch for the bags under Barney’s eyes. That new helmet of his looked good yesterday too

    is the zip tie on the chainstay of the fat bike missing deliberately to save weight?

    Two bikes at sensible(ish) prices!

    Quite like those shoes…

    The problem with 85 quid light weight jackets when you literally “punch the wall” they end up covered in duck tape…..

    Liking the stuff from GT- i might have one of those rear lights, are they any good?

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