Would you rent your bike out?

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Here’s an unusual idea.

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Pacific Coast Highway, we think. Very nice.

If your bike is languishing at home while you do other (allegedly important) things, like work or seeing family, why not try to make it earn its keep? Spinlister is a new website where you can rent your bike out. Baffling, no? But kind of cool.

Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 13.33.50
Lots in London; not many MTBs though

If you’re only about for a couple of days on business, but you’ll have an hour or two to hit some trails, you could search the site for a suitable ride, fork over the cash and be on your way. The bikes are apparently insured, so there are no issues with damage.

Here’s the video from the website:

A few people in the UK are using the idea, mostly in London, the nearest person to us is perhaps one intrepid fellow in Leeds, and they’re all pretty roadie/townie at the moment – but if it takes off… who knows?

So what do you reckon? Would you agree to let a complete stranger ride your bike (for a fee, natch)? Let us know!

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    “ride it like you rented it”

    It also seems a great tool for thieves, have a test ride on the bike before you nick it!

    So you want me to advertise where my bikes are…erm no. Thanks though.

    Mine won’t fit anyone anyway

    I wouldn’t ride a 26″ bike, why should you? 🙂

    just entered UK in search box and there are no bikes in the Universe at the moment – bold claim – not even a 26 incher 😉

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