Here’s some Top Gear for you

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Wondering what to do for an hour on a Sunday evening between 8 and 9pm? Here’s our suggestions.


Firstly it’s time for a wheel test including a short video featuring a fascinating tip about spokes.
Some say he’s never actually ridden outside of the Calderdale Valley and that Jorji photoshops him into international travel features. All we know is he’s called Dave and he’s been testing a set of Mavic wheels for a few months.

If it’s more top gear you are after then here’s a list of all the gear we reckon comes top of our list. It’s such top gear that we’ve given each our coveted Singletrack Seal of Approval.

Next we have a new column from top women’s issues and industry insider writer Cyclenaut. This week she’s explaining that gender specific bike fit is a load of old tosh!

And if that’s not enough opinion for you to get all outraged about then we also have Bez banging on about how bloody awful cycle journalism is on the telly box. 

And if you are really, REALLY missing tests of silly expensive vehicles we have one of our own especially for you. Here’s our three way test of the ultimate bike carrying vans from Ford, VW and Mercedes.


If it’s video of someone doing something totally insane on two wheels you are after, check out this drone cam footage of someone riding the world’s toughest mountain bike trail – the White Line Trail in Sedona.

And finally, here’s a caravan blowing up.

And on that bombshell, we’ll say goodnight! We’re off to punch Mark in the face for forgetting the Choco Leibniz biscuits at Friday’s coffee break.

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