Halo Oktoberfest Is Go!

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Our 2015 wallplanner is already exploding at the margins with events to do this year. June’s Bristol Bikefest isn’t even out of the way yet and the team are already working on its Bavarian brother: Halo Bristol Oktoberfest powered by Heritage Volkswagen.

We do love a nice bit of forest singletrack…

Oktoberfest takes place on 10th October 2015. It’s an opportunity to race (in a laidback way, of course) as part of a pair, team or all on your solo lonesome. You’ve got a choice of either the full 8-hour event, or one of two 4-hour events (AM and PM) – all running on a 10km course through the same great all-weather trails of Ashton Court, Bristol. There are ‘Young’uns’ (14-17 years) and ‘Super Old Gits’ (50+ years) categories too, so something for everyone.

“Heeeeeeey, macarena!”
Beer run?

Sponsors Ison will be on hand with plenty of kit to fuel your desires, including the latest fat bikes, and Duck Smart will have its cleaning products at the ready to keep your bike clean and smelling sweet throughout.

They just can’t help themselves, can they?

Organiser Mike Wilkens promises “swoopy single track, oompah music, a great event village, superb event catering, some (not Bavarian) tunes during the day and in the evening, pretzels as medals and some ‘Weissbier’ at the bar!”. Sounds good to us (especially the “bar” bit…).

Online entries go live at 08:00 on 1st April (really!), so make sure you’ve got your finger poised over the button if you want to grab an spot as, like the Bikefest, they’re likely to go quickly.



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