Lauf are getting fat with the new Carbonara

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More teaser news this time from Iceland where Lauf forks appear to be in the final stages of testing a fat bike fork – the Carbonara. Adapting their minimalist approach of carbon leaf sprung suspension, introduced with the Trail Racer fork, to the world of big rims and tyres is a wise move given the recent proliferation of carbon fat bike frames. If you’re building a svelte fatty you’ve going to want the lightest fork on there too no?

All we know so far is the Carbonara will offer the same 60mm suspension, feature a 150mmx15mm thru axle and is anticipated to weigh in around 1100g while accommodating a 4.8″ tyre.

Carbonara - Photo Lauf
Carbonara – Photo Lauf

The most exciting ride since we rode the first TR29 pre-production fork back in June 2013. As always when trying a new prototype, we had some concerns before the ride. We are EXTREMELY happy to report that the fork worked better than we could ever have hoped for!

Welcome to the Lauf family mr. Lauf Carbonara.

Shipping begins in May/June. Stay tuned.

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