50 Shades of Black – BikePark Wales’ new Trail Of Woah

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BikePark Wales is opening a new black trail, ’50 shades of black’ on Friday 27th February.


According to the press release, 50 Shades is their ‘longest and gnarliest black trail to date with a classic Welsh mix of rock, roots and mud.’

The trails descends 280m vertically over a 1.8km length over a previously unused part of the mountain, and is apparently named for the “varying surfaces, topography, trail style and vegetation all within this single trail”. Any similarity to a certain movie on wide release is presumably coincidental, therefore.

BikePark Wales has made a sweet little video to promote it with  Trek World Racing rider Laurie Greenland. It’s got lots of atmospheric slomo – Barney approves:

But that’s not all! Join The Dots is a new pro-line section being built on the lower slopes of 50 Shades, which basically means loads of step downs, hips, doubles and other features of gnar designed to test your mettle, cojones (and possibly pads) in spades. It’s not open yet, though, but watch this space…

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